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2012 Time Illusion Tour Kick Off @HOB

ZEE & Dice Motion about to go on tour. Dates, set design premiere, promo mix, music video and more! Continue reading

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The Brain Trust: w. EOTO & Zebbler Encanti Experience

Two twisted demons blasting razor-bass and shrapnel beats from coast-to-coast and beyond. Snarling and brutal, these psy-dub beat sorcerers create Dubstep from the ground up, night after night, using only real instruments and their sonic wizardry. No pre-programmed loops, no … Continue reading

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ZEE: Mid-Year Revision + Free Goodies + “Birdthump” Music Video

UnHeardUv homies and Boston favorites, Zebbler and Encanti have vastly expanded the reach of their psychedelic sensory-saturating experience this first half of 2011. In April, the Zebbler Encanti Experience returned from playing 24 shows in just over 24 days across the nation as the warm-up act for livetronica lords, EOTO. On top of opening up the dub-gates every night for EOTO, Zebbler provided a plethora of self-produced and submitted footage and animations at an unprecedented scale, as the visual component of EOTO’s performance. Continue reading

Encanti - TechfireEncanti - Birdthump
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ZEE Psyched for Upcoming Tour w. EOTO

Zebbler and Encanti are experiencing very little sleep as they prepare for their neuro’s for their upcoming tour with Eoto. They’re doing everything they can to conjure up new tunage, visuals and funds to make the psychedelic dream become reality. Continue reading

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POST PROSPERITY (fundraiser for ZEE Tour)

Fund raising event for Zebbler Encanti tour with Eoto! ’nuff said Saturday, February 12 9pm – 2am Tavern At The End of The World 108 Cambridge Street Charlestown, MA

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Zebbler Encanti Experience: Can Has Tour?

The incredibly talented UnheardUv favs, Zebbler Encanti Experience are an audio/visual performance act from right here in Boston. They’re getting offered the chance of a lifetime to go on tour with the live EDM group EOTO but they need our … Continue reading

Encanti - The Final Sign (128k clip)Encanti - Birdthump (128k clip)
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