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Akasha – The Conduit

Vermin Street teams up with Akasha to release first official EP “The Conduit”. The artist focuses himself in the thick of subconscious creation, freeing himself from conscious critique. The result is a soundscape of psychedelia which weaves natural eastern instruments … Continue reading

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Pericles – Ancient Desert

  Hollow futuristic landscapes of sterile sands; long dusted travels between scattered pockets of rare tribes and sun battered outposts; ancient meccas of mechanized populations, wired for collectivity; This is the world borne to Pericles’ new release, Ancient Desert, a … Continue reading

Pericles - Slimey Gutters (Freddy Todds GutterFrost Remix)Pericles - Rise of the Jellyfish
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Misk – First World Problems

Vermin St. is back for another huge release. This time from label veteran Misk, and it features remixes from the likes of +Verb, Encanti, CocoBryce and the late HM.T DM.T. Definitely a must have for the incoming Spring season. via … Continue reading

Misk - Ain SophMisk - Motion Sickness (Encanti Remix)
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Vermin Street: Good Music Is Heart To Find [FREE]

Oh Vermin Street. You’re too kind… Good Music is Heart to Find by Various Artists

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Burkane’s Future Step EP out now on Vermin Street!

This release features a thick 4×4/stepper relick by Robot Koch of Jahcoozi infamy, and an 808 driven Juke mix by Sonkin of the Seclusias camp. The B-Side is the embodiment of future funk, paired down to the raw basics: crunchy bass, distorted claps and wah guitar plucks with the freshness. Continue reading

Burnkane - Wonk StyleBurnkane - Boathouse (Sonkin Remix)Burnkane - Boathouse (Robot Koch Remix)
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Vermin Street: Rising Smoke Of The Hobo Kings’ First EP

The release features a deep and bass heavy remix by Sub Swara; a smooth
Downtempo House/Midtemp Funk version by Pumpkin (of Pocket
Underground and The Wandering Marrionettes); and a third remix by Zander
(aka Traveler) with glitchy bass filtering and sugary sweet melodies.
The B side is a funkified cover of an old Ledbelly tune, Linin Track. Again, featuring Blacklight on vocals, this time with an alto laid down over bass driven beat to inspire a hands-in-the-air call-to-arms on the dancefloor.
Continue reading

Rising Smoke Of The Hobo Kings - 900 Miles (Zander Remix)Rising Smoke Of The Hobo Kings - 900 Miles (Pumpkin Remix)Rising Smoke Of The Hobo Kings - 900 Miles (Sub Swara Remix)
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Vermin Street FREE RELEASE: Hobotech – O.K., Alright

Here’s a FREE 4-track EP from Vermin Street’s own Hobotech. About Hobotech: Hobotech is the creation of Producer/DJ Jon Margulies. Since it’s fireside conception in 2007, Hobotech has steadily grown in popularity. Since the original NYC events that featured a … Continue reading

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Vinyl Blight ft Bongo Chilli – Mission

Boston’s Vinyl Blight grew up on a steady diet of Ragga Jungle. And though his love of mashed-up Amens and hard hitting sub bass has never died, his intrigue by new techniques and distaste for homogenity has led to a … Continue reading

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Vermin Street Wants YOU! (to submit for their compilation)

Legendary boston-based multimedia outlet, Vermin Street, is asking YOU to submit tracks for the upcoming compilation CD that will be available on addictech, beatport, juno, itunes, etc… Continue reading

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Bobby Tank’s Vanquish EP OUT NOW on Vermin Street!

This release comes replete with a gamut of remixes of the title track: 813′s dope Dubstep lick; Kid Kanevil’s seductive 808 mix; Jon Phonics smooth space funk refix and Darkhouse Fam’s fresh wonk-hop version.
Continue reading

Bobby Tank - Needin MeBobby Tank - VanquishBobby Tank - PlugBobby Tank - Vanquish (Jon Phonics Simplified Chaos refunk)
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Phokus’s Time EP Now Out on Vermin Street ft. DFRNT, The Next & Zeno

The title track of this release, Time, is a crisp stepper laden with dark atmospherics and multi-timbral bass hooks. The Drum and Bass influences are clear, but this tune steers clear of the ubiquitous Brostep sound. Zeno provides a psychedelic take on the piece, with a filtered midrange and arppegiated hooks that may lend itself to be called PsyStep. Continue reading

Phokus - Untitled (DFRNT Remix)Phokus - UntitledPhokus - Time
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No Tomorrow: AMERICAN NIGHTMARE w. Mr McNiell & Mistaker

NO TOMORROW returns to Machine on July 2nd for anther night of pre-apocalyptic madness.

This months edition welcomes Mr. McNeill of Boston’s own CreateSpace who joins resident Mistaker as they bid fond farewell to Western Civilization.
Continue reading

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Retrotation Brings Us Dubstep Opera Via Vermin Street

Matt Olick has left his career in the gaming industry as a 3D designer to pursue making avant bass-driven opera music. His results are nothing short of success. Under the handle, Retrotation, Olick fuses the new world’s favorite format of … Continue reading

Retrotation - Drops In The Desert (Scuzzy Remix)Retrotation - Haunting EchosRetrotation - Dirrrty Romance
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Vermin Street Summons MANNI DEE For ‘Universal Symphony’ and the ‘Antidote’

Brighton-based producer, Manni Dee, has made contact with Boston’s choice underground bass music label, Vermin Street, to channel some of that left coast beatsmithing that the whole galaxy is now juking to. Manni is a resident at Brighton’s notoriously eclectic Throw Some Shapes and a major up’n'comer in the future-hop movement. Manni Dee, with support from homie Alby D Cheeky, Rotterdam’s Halp, and Moscow’s Pixelord, takes on an emotive psychedelic journey that enlightens us on the inner-mechanics of our spiritual universe. The Antidote/Universal Symphony release uses ethereal treatment of synthesizers and beat machines to teach our bodies to sway a new way. The core of the production is eminently human while maintaining an electric stratosphere. This release has serious gravity. Indulge. Continue reading

Manni Dee - Universal Symphony (Pixelord Remix)Manni Dee - Universal SymphonyManni Dee - Antidote
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Wobble Wednesday presents: The Return of ENCANTI!

Encanti’s End of Tour Decompression/Homecoming Party!!! After touring the nation playing 53 shows in two months, Encanti is back from the EOTO Spring Tour 2011. No time wasted.. let’s rage! Live original psy-tekno dubstep, booty shorts, and disgusting bass drops … Continue reading

Encanti - Neurokinetics
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No Tomorrow presents: Zero G w. Arkady, Ali Berger & ZiOn

Lift off with alien sounds at the May installment of No Tomorrow. Ali Berger, Arkady, Zion, and Mr. Jennings guide the voyage. THE END IS NEAR. Continue reading

Ali Berger - Departures ThemeThe Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice (Mr Jennings Remix)Zion - Moonrock (Tech)
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Jupit3r’s Zipperumpazoo EP feat. Sugarpill, QUADE, Ruff Hauser, Stephen Jacobs

Vermin Street’s Zipperumpazoo EP is exclusively on Addictech!. Get it now and launch Boston EDM into the top 10 on Additech charts! Continue reading

Jupit3r - Lumis on the MoonJupit3r - Zipperumpazoo (QUADE Remix)Jupit3r - Zipperumpazoo
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No Tomorrow presents: The Statesmen, DJ Shivar, Mistaker & Da Moth

Unhearduv Note: this is the BEST monthly in Boston. period. “Through the centuries of our evolution, we have wondered whether somewhere out in the vastness of space there are others. From our lonesome hive in the limitless vacuum, casting our … Continue reading

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+Verb’s interstellar Solar Heat Traveler EP has landed!!!

March 29th, 2011: Vermin Street’s, +Verb, hits us with a robust EP of some of the most stellar laser-guided dubstruction to date! It only took 3 originals to convey the message of Solar Heat Traveler, with absurdly moist remixes from … Continue reading

+Verb - JerkOFF (Freddy Todd Remix)+Verb - Puddleglum
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Together Festival is coming…TOGETHER

TOGETHER 2010 WRAP-UP from TOGETHER BOSTON on Vimeo. Its that time of year again. Together Festival hype is upon us. Our community will come together to facilitate what – in one year – has become one of the most forward-thinking … Continue reading

Trentemoller - Moan (Trentemoller Remix)
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Music Ecology presents: Moldover w. Vinyl Blight & Serial Krusher

Moldover If technology and music are your life, brace yourself- Moldover is about to reformat your soul. Hailed by 700,000 YouTube viewers as “The Godfather of Controllerism”, Moldover is a new breed of music icon. Combining the charisma of a … Continue reading

Vinyl Blight - Dirty Conscience Dub
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No Tomorrow: Rise of The Machines – 1 Year Anniversary

“At first, everything seemed great. The machines brought a sort of sedated, utopian experience. Effort, pain, and suffering were no more. The awakening of A.I. has led to entire branches of human knowledge being subsumed by an intelligent internet. The … Continue reading

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ZEE Psyched for Upcoming Tour w. EOTO

Zebbler and Encanti are experiencing very little sleep as they prepare for their neuro’s for their upcoming tour with Eoto. They’re doing everything they can to conjure up new tunage, visuals and funds to make the psychedelic dream become reality. Continue reading

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dj_pressplay set @ NO TOMORROW 2.5.11

A recording of UnheardUv’s own dj_pressplay performing at No Tomorrow at the Machine club in Boston. It features a wide array of heavy hitting bass music ranging from drum n bass to house to the most disgusting dubstep and everything … Continue reading

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No Tomorrow – World War III

International bickering and chest pounding have led to a globally accepted movement for all armed nations to launch nuclear warheads at each other. In a rare display of unity, sworn enemies have been seen shaking hands and agreeing to the … Continue reading

DJ Melee - Ionic
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Post Prosperity January 2011

Back once again, Its everybody’s favorite secret best time in the world: POST PROSPERITY! Come shake the frost off your socks to the musical stylings of: Humanimalien . Vinyl Blight . Serial Krusher Saturday, January 30 10:30p – 1 or … Continue reading

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LTD Unlimited, HomeBass & WobbleSauce Present…

Living The Dream Unlimited & HomeBass in Collaboration with The WobbleSauce Family proudly present: Liondub (Liondub International) Consider The Source (NYC) Encanti (Vermin Street) WobbleSauce (Wobblesauce Wednesdays) ***With Special Afterhours Event 2-6 at a private locations minutes the show itself!!! … Continue reading

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Future Fossils at No Tomorrow

Back at The Machine for another night of pre-apocalyptic ceremonies. One night, 10 artists. Do not miss this one. THE END IS NEAR Saturday December 4th No Tomorrow- Future Fossils In The Main Room Mister Saturday Night | Mistaker In … Continue reading

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Blue Boy Productions – Getting Deep

Live EDM duo Blue Boy Productions has released their long awaited studio EP, Getting Deep. The release offers a diverse melodic soundscapes not confined to a certain mood or genre. More intricate background and pads and shiny treble ranges stand … Continue reading

Blue Boy Productions - Kaleidoscope
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