UnheardUv's guide to the labels that power Boston.

Banana Peel

Banana Peel Records is a Boston-based label specializing in house and techno. Continue reading

Base Trip Records

Independent electronic/hip-hop label featuring Supersillyus

Dopamine Records

Dopamine Records is an independent record label with national and international distribution based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is part of what is known as the Dopamine/Amalagate Family. Continue reading

Slanted Black

Established in 2007, SLANTED BLACK is a sub-division of Shlavens & D-Lav’s SLANTED HOUSE RECORDS, Headed by Craig Mitchell aka. Oliver Twisted. Continue reading

Sturdy Recordings

At Sturdy Recordings we honor the sounds of the past and celebrate our forged future; planning to deliver music and nurture artists, making new strides in the Electronic Music realm with each passing day. Continue reading

Vermin Street

Experimental music, art, events, in boston. Lineup includes Vinyl Blight, Encanti, $0 $0 Gutter, Metal KT.