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Pericles – Ancient Desert

  Hollow futuristic landscapes of sterile sands; long dusted travels between scattered pockets of rare tribes and sun battered outposts; ancient meccas of mechanized populations, wired for collectivity; This is the world borne to Pericles’ new release, Ancient Desert, a … Continue reading

Pericles - Slimey Gutters (Freddy Todds GutterFrost Remix)Pericles - Rise of the Jellyfish

Supply 003: René Audiard – Pechorin

Possibly our favorite label out of Boston, Supply Records quickly follows up on Barera’s Miles End EP with this 8 track techno romp that load any dancefloor with undeniably dubbed out soulful vibes. René Audiard is the handle Soren Jahan … Continue reading

Rubix Qube - Butterfingers

Blue Boy Productions – Robot Alien Variety Hour

  Music Ecology and local Boston favorite Blue Boy Productions are back with their second full length album, Robot Alien Variety Hour. The boys have reached deep inside their collective theta for unhindered inspiration while allowing the waves of their … Continue reading

john barera mile end ep

John Barera – Mile End E.P.

Boston house and techno legend, John Barera put out his first vinyl EP on Ortloff Records last month and we won’t let it slip by without a word or two. With the Mile End EP, Barera continues to make us … Continue reading

John Barera - Mile EndJohn Barera - Next Time

BPR003: J-Hilla’s ‘River Runs Red’ EP

The playful collective of house-rompers over at Banana Peel Records just got serious. No-mercy dubstepper, J-Hilla was brought in for BPR003. ‘River Runs Red’ is a top-shelf display of dubstep with a swift 2-stepper sporting spliced Rick Ross lyrics to … Continue reading

J-Hilla - River Runs RedJ-Hilla - Black PuddingJ-Hilla - Fuse (FREE DL VIA XLR8R)J-Hilla - 281

Vermin Street East Coast Bass Compilation Released

The long awaited, first of a kind East Coast Bass compilation we’ve been prepping you for has dropped and is available on Beatport. From Vermin Street The East Coast Bass compilation is an inclusive project designed to bring east coast … Continue reading


The Orator @ BASSIC 2.10.2012 – Live Recording

So our homie from Mushpost, who is holding down every permutation of bass music in Burlington, VT, came down to open up for Dave Q at Boston’s premiere dubstep night, BASSIC. Playing for 90 minutes, The Orator claimed domain on … Continue reading


Dark & Stormy + Loopus Amadeus = L.A.D.S.

Boston house staples and international resonators, Dark & Stormy and Loopus Amadeus have come together to form L.A.D.S. Retaining their deep house sourcing, combined they manage to raise your hands a bit farther into the air. L.A.D.S. will never fail … Continue reading

Bambounou - Heroic Deeds(LADSREMIX)

Vermin Street: Good Music Is Heart To Find [FREE]

Oh Vermin Street. You’re too kind… Good Music is Heart to Find by Various Artists


2012: The Year of AxH

BASSIC resident AxH (formerly known as Grizzly) has been on a production rampage prepping to get pretty serious for the year of the Mayan-proposed apocalypse. An album coming out on brooklyn-based TUBA, material on Sturdy Recordings and most likely more will unfold with the year. Head over to his soundcloud to get introduced and cop a handful of free tracks, too. Continue reading

AxH - Take A Number BabyAxH - CannondollAxH - Beat Dem Down ft. Quench Aid [Clip]
Rising Smoke of the Hobo Kings Artwork

Vermin Street: Rising Smoke Of The Hobo Kings’ First EP

The release features a deep and bass heavy remix by Sub Swara; a smooth
Downtempo House/Midtemp Funk version by Pumpkin (of Pocket
Underground and The Wandering Marrionettes); and a third remix by Zander
(aka Traveler) with glitchy bass filtering and sugary sweet melodies.
The B side is a funkified cover of an old Ledbelly tune, Linin Track. Again, featuring Blacklight on vocals, this time with an alto laid down over bass driven beat to inspire a hands-in-the-air call-to-arms on the dancefloor.
Continue reading

Rising Smoke Of The Hobo Kings - 900 Miles (Zander Remix)Rising Smoke Of The Hobo Kings - 900 Miles (Pumpkin Remix)Rising Smoke Of The Hobo Kings - 900 Miles (Sub Swara Remix)

Ali Berger Interviews Tarekith of Inner Portal Studios

Ali Berger interviews sound engineer, Live PA lord, and Ableton master, Erik “Tarekith” Magrini. “A few weeks back I was interviewed by Ali Berger, a student at Tufts University in Boston. He was working on a paper for a class … Continue reading

Ali Berger - Gloves OnAli Berger - Freeze Dried CellophaneAli Berger - Be Down
Vinyl Blight ft Bongo Chilli - Mission

Vinyl Blight ft Bongo Chilli – Mission

Boston’s Vinyl Blight grew up on a steady diet of Ragga Jungle. And though his love of mashed-up Amens and hard hitting sub bass has never died, his intrigue by new techniques and distaste for homogenity has led to a … Continue reading


If Los Papines made EDM – BPR002

Boston’s own Banana Peel Record’s puts out their second single by label co-founder, ElKid. Infused with with caribbean wildlife, classic in-house inuendos and rich production, the Pachanga single is a fitting addition to the Banana Peel sound. You can catch … Continue reading

El Kid - PachangaEl Kid - O Joy

Bobby Tank’s Vanquish EP OUT NOW on Vermin Street!

This release comes replete with a gamut of remixes of the title track: 813′s dope Dubstep lick; Kid Kanevil’s seductive 808 mix; Jon Phonics smooth space funk refix and Darkhouse Fam’s fresh wonk-hop version.
Continue reading

Bobby Tank - Needin MeBobby Tank - VanquishBobby Tank - PlugBobby Tank - Vanquish (Jon Phonics Simplified Chaos refunk)

Crisp Tech House on Dark & Stormy’s Voodoo Ep

Dark & Stormy debuts on Mokilok with a 3 track EP, synonym to his art name. The pack includes 3 house bombs and a remix from Mokilok’k A&R Argento under his tech collectiva Room Service. Go buy it now on … Continue reading

Dark & Stormy - Botswana SwingDark & Stormy - Uack

Phokus’s Time EP Now Out on Vermin Street ft. DFRNT, The Next & Zeno

The title track of this release, Time, is a crisp stepper laden with dark atmospherics and multi-timbral bass hooks. The Drum and Bass influences are clear, but this tune steers clear of the ubiquitous Brostep sound. Zeno provides a psychedelic take on the piece, with a filtered midrange and arppegiated hooks that may lend itself to be called PsyStep. Continue reading

Phokus - Untitled (DFRNT Remix)Phokus - UntitledPhokus - Time
the final sign

Zebbler Encanti Experience – The Final Sign Released

Fresh off their tour with EOTO and Zebbler’s tour with Shpongle, Zebbler Encanti Experience’s first EP, The Final Sign, dropped on Sept 20th. The Brain Trust’s Wobble Wednesday hosted there debut party last week, check out the official video of … Continue reading

Zebbler Encanti Experience - The Final SignZebbler Encanti Experience - The Final Sign (Psymbionic Remix)Zebbler Encanti Experience - The Final Sign (Dice Motion Remix)

De Qualia Delivers Act III of end fence’s Enclosure Acts

A Summerdawn gift for you. “Gliding, thriving, not quite flying. The third rendition of end fence Enclosure Acts continues our acoustic kneading through the legacy of life. De Qualia’s kindly served up a diapason of fantastic sounds for you to … Continue reading


ZEE: Mid-Year Revision + Free Goodies + “Birdthump” Music Video

UnHeardUv homies and Boston favorites, Zebbler and Encanti have vastly expanded the reach of their psychedelic sensory-saturating experience this first half of 2011. In April, the Zebbler Encanti Experience returned from playing 24 shows in just over 24 days across the nation as the warm-up act for livetronica lords, EOTO. On top of opening up the dub-gates every night for EOTO, Zebbler provided a plethora of self-produced and submitted footage and animations at an unprecedented scale, as the visual component of EOTO’s performance. Continue reading

Encanti - TechfireEncanti - Birdthump

Retrotation Brings Us Dubstep Opera Via Vermin Street

Matt Olick has left his career in the gaming industry as a 3D designer to pursue making avant bass-driven opera music. His results are nothing short of success. Under the handle, Retrotation, Olick fuses the new world’s favorite format of … Continue reading

Retrotation - Drops In The Desert (Scuzzy Remix)Retrotation - Haunting EchosRetrotation - Dirrrty Romance

Doctor Jeep drops long awaited Aztec EP [End Fence]

Boston’s own Doctor Jeep has finally unleashed his long awaited ‘Aztec’ EP as a followup to his debut ‘Yr Mind’ EP that came out on Banana Peel Records earlier this year. Flexercising a furious blend of styles including dubstep, house … Continue reading

Doctor Jeep - Aztec
liquid stranger - the arcana terrain

New Liquid Stranger

Liquid Stranger returns to Interchill loaded with two heavy hitting albums for 2011. The Arcane Terrain, unleashed in May, obliterates the boundaries separating dubstep, grime, dub, breaks, hip hop and outernational crunkadelica. The Renegade Crusade, out in September, takes aim … Continue reading

Liquid Stranger - Bombaclaad

Vermin Street Summons MANNI DEE For ‘Universal Symphony’ and the ‘Antidote’

Brighton-based producer, Manni Dee, has made contact with Boston’s choice underground bass music label, Vermin Street, to channel some of that left coast beatsmithing that the whole galaxy is now juking to. Manni is a resident at Brighton’s notoriously eclectic Throw Some Shapes and a major up’n'comer in the future-hop movement. Manni Dee, with support from homie Alby D Cheeky, Rotterdam’s Halp, and Moscow’s Pixelord, takes on an emotive psychedelic journey that enlightens us on the inner-mechanics of our spiritual universe. The Antidote/Universal Symphony release uses ethereal treatment of synthesizers and beat machines to teach our bodies to sway a new way. The core of the production is eminently human while maintaining an electric stratosphere. This release has serious gravity. Indulge. Continue reading

Manni Dee - Universal Symphony (Pixelord Remix)Manni Dee - Universal SymphonyManni Dee - Antidote
kuxxan suum remixes

A Gift From The Universe: kuxxan SUUM’s Language/Barrier EP

UnHeardUv native, De Qualia, is a part of a serious cosmic awakening. kuxxan SUUM’s Language/Barrier EP has come within reach of Earth’s spiritual stratsophere. Originally released on I Contact, the new label of lush, end fence, rereleased the 5 song EP with 5 remixes on top from artists all across the grid…
[FREE DOWNLOAD] 3G_Yahmoh (De Qualia Remix) by kuxxan SUUM by end fence Continue reading

kuxxan SUUM - 3G_Yahmohkuxxan SUUM - 3G_yahmoh (De Qualia Remix)

Jupit3r’s Zipperumpazoo EP feat. Sugarpill, QUADE, Ruff Hauser, Stephen Jacobs

Vermin Street’s Zipperumpazoo EP is exclusively on Addictech!. Get it now and launch Boston EDM into the top 10 on Additech charts! Continue reading

Jupit3r - Lumis on the MoonJupit3r - Zipperumpazoo (QUADE Remix)Jupit3r - Zipperumpazoo
de qualia grasp end fence

Grasp De Qualia’s techno single…Grasp…

I am proud to announce De Qualia’s first techno single, and end fence‘s first release! Focusing on the more obscure textural side of space, Grasp asks you to sit back, put on your headphones, and enter a new wave of … Continue reading

take your mask off single

B.E.T.A. Releasing “Ego & ID”

Boston hip-hop due B.E.T.A. is releasing “Ego & ID” via TruStatement 4/20/2011. Continue reading

B.E.T.A. - Take Your Mask Off
tactical Lisp Permanent Yak EP

U MADE IT Reflection: Tactical Lisp

FUNKTION ‘U MADE IT’ edition went off like an internal combustion engine in an Audi R8: Massive and fierce but with grace and sex. In response to the plethora of raw Boston talent showcased this weekend, we will be posting … Continue reading