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Charles Mazzola (Boston, Lostinsound)

Basstown: MAKE IT NEW w. Sian, Charles Mazzola & Alan Manzi

When you have interests ranging from entomology,cosmology and marine biology, to the social impact of the rave generation,you tend to make unusual art.Sian stands out as a little more bohemian than the average electronic talent.Born in Dublin,Ireland,raised in southern Spain,he … Continue reading

Octopus 33 - Sian - Dangerous Liaisons - Octopus Recordings
Stone Church & Genesis-52

Genesis 3-3-2012 Recap and Photos

Genesis returned in March with a refined tech-house take on Nature vs Nuture. FDOT of The Statesmen opened with an elusive techno set. Zola followed suit with a minimal and stylish tech-house set. Visuals have stepped up a notch incorporating … Continue reading

Zola - Helios
bass oasis end of month

SUBduction presents: Bass Oasis’ End of Month Banger!

Bass Oasis will be doing it big for the month’s last installment with a very special, top-secret headlining act!!! Special guests will be joined by: Professor Pious (Music Ecology, Lost In Bass) Zola NE TEMPO As always the cheapest beers … Continue reading