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creme de la clockwork nightriders

dubFrequency presents: Creme de la Creme feat. Clockwork & Nightriders

// CLOCKWORK (LOS ANGELES) ( http://soundcloud.com/clockworkmusic ) // NIGHTRIDERS (BOSTON) ( http://soundcloud.com/nightriders ) Creme De La Creme is back in Boston on Thursday March 24th with LA native Clockwork. He has consistently had his work circulating the worldwide blogosphere, churning … Continue reading

silent disco think tank voltran

Silent Disco w. Voltran @ Think Tank

“DJ Voltran has been making Boston dance for some time now and knows how to keep your booty shakin to all types of mixes! You’ve never been to a Silent Disco event?Here’s the run down: We use wireless headphones that … Continue reading