The Orator on UnheardUv

Nicholas Concklin (Mushpost, 90.1 WRUV, J'aime le Dubstep) Mushpost is a multi-faceted bass organism. With a network of radio shows and an endless supply of specially curated events this hyperactive Burlington-based DJ collective is modernity disguised as post-modern. Taking the role of the selectah to the next level Mushpost acts as cultural ambassadors, exonerating forward thinking, bass driven, transnational music. Each DJ brings to the table a dense musical personality that is distinct and palpable. This, combined with the fusion of disparate cultures, results in a live experience that is as stimulating to your body as it is to your intellect. A braindance.

The Orator @ BASSIC 2.10.2012 – Live Recording

So our homie from Mushpost, who is holding down every permutation of bass music in Burlington, VT, came down to open up for Dave Q at Boston’s premiere dubstep night, BASSIC. Playing for 90 minutes, The Orator claimed domain on … Continue reading