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Big Gigantic and Kraddy at The Middle East

Big Gigantic is returning to boston with ex Glitch Mob DJ Kraddy. With Boston performances dating back thru 2008, Big Gigantic has tightened up production and upped their stage presence considerably. The Gigantic sound offers a melodic take on dubstep … Continue reading

Big Gigantic - Step Up

Glitch Mob at Middle East Show Review

Little late on this but what the hell. Last Wednesday Boston was graced with our first ever performance from Glitch masters The Glitch Mob and I must admit it was indeed one hell of a show. Although I missed Free … Continue reading

The Gods of Glitch are back! New Single from the Glitch Mob

What a crazy week! With Bassnectar and The Glitch Mob dropping free singles on the same day, I feel like my mind is about to be blown. Or maybe it just was… OK so Bassnectar had yesterday, now today we … Continue reading

Drive It Like You Stole It