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synnack is the artistic output of Clint Michael Sand (of 0xf8 Studios, and formerly of and Mono Chrome) and features additional contributions by other artists such as Jeff Ito, Tony Young of Autoclav1.1, Brad Perkins (as "synnack vs. torrent vaccine"), Jennifer McClain (of 0xf8 Studios) and Dave Jones of AttackSustain. Mr. Sand has been a musician almost all his life. He began studying music in a formal sense at 8 years old with the study of melodic percussion, guitar, and bassoon. Feeling limited by traditional musical study, he focused his college study on abstract painting and mixed media work at the University of New Orleans where he obtained a Bachelors of Arts. Having access to a computer at a very early age (his parents owned their own business) encouraged an early fascination with the computer as a creative tool. Clint is most known in the industrial music scene for his work as from 1999 to 2003. was an odd mix of dancefloor electronica inspired by bands like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb with more experimental influences like Coil. Outside of their own releases, became a sought after remixer for well-known artists such as Assemblage 23, Clan of Xymox, Beborn Beton, Haujobb, Terrorfakt, Claire Voyant, SITD, Stromkern, Seabound and many more. After several successful CD releases on GASHED!, WTii Records, Accession Records and multiple US & European tours, he left to form Mono Chrome with Victoria Lloyd of the band Claire Voyant. Victoria's amazing vocal ability provided the perfect backdrop to explore melodic, pop-structured songwriting. Mono Chrome released "Collapse & Sever" on Cryonica Records (in Europe) and Metropolis Records (everywhere else) in 2005. Originally, synnack (then was launched in 2001 as a web site for online music collaboration community with the goal of applying open source software development processes to music creation; a place for people to exchange music that they compose; download and remix each other's music, and 'release' them at no charge. A dynamic exchange of creativity and expression. Anyone would be allowed to post their music, with the only requirement, that they also post the source material used in its creation. (samples, sequences, etc...). Abandoning the sharing platform idea due to time restraints, Clint formalized the musical ideas as "synnack". In 2007, Sand teamed up with Jennifer McClain to create the video division of 0xf8 Studios. Their initial collaboration led to the current synnack live video backdrop, where McClain uses custom VJ software written in MaxMSP/Jitter to remix and manipulate custom, narrative footage in real-time along with the synnack show; creating more of an 'environmental happening' which covers the audience in sensory love splunk. (Live Review*** - Infest 2007) Examples can be seen on the video page and the synnack YouTube channel. Orders are now available for a full-length DVD, "init.system", showcasing this work from Forced Distro. In addition to his own work, Clint blogs about his artistic endeavors and experiences, runs the Force of Nature music label, and hosts the worlds largest user community for one of his favorite Audio/Video tools on Recently, caught the attention of Ableton, Inc. who featured his work on their web site as an exclusive artist feature: Electronic Polymath. In a review of the v2 release, Side-Line magazine writes: