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Nit Grit – “This Old Heart” gets a blog based release

Great news coming to us via facebook yesterday. Long-time UnheardUv favorite Nit Grit just finished a new song entitled ‘This Old Heart’ and is giving it a very special blog-only style release. We’re loving this kind of cross-promotion so keep … Continue reading

This Old Heart

Say My Name

Nit Grit and NastyNasty have teamed up featuring Destiny’s Child and made something to bump when your doing the nasty. NastyNasty and NitGrit – Say My Name [audio:] Next – That Boy is Mine!

NastyNasty and NitGrit - Say My Name

Nit Grit

UnheardUv’s crash course to Nit GriT with Lupin and Serotonin Syndrome Continue reading

LupinSeratonin Syndrome