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SUBduction & UnheardUv Present: NastyNasty @ Wonderbar – 12/15

This Wednesday it’s what is probably the biggest dubstep show in Boston this year as UnheardUv fav NastyNasty makes his second appearance in Beantown, presented by our good friends SUBduction as well as us here at UnheardUv. It should be … Continue reading

NastyNasty – Puke Paint out TODAY!

For all of you that rely on Unhearduv for your wompage news.. first of all I’m sorry.. second you might be interested to know that Unhearduv fav NastyNasty is dropping his long awaited Puke Paint EP on the world today. … Continue reading

Say My Name

Nit Grit and NastyNasty have teamed up featuring Destiny’s Child and made something to bump when your doing the nasty. NastyNasty and NitGrit – Say My Name [audio:] Next – That Boy is Mine!

NastyNasty and NitGrit - Say My Name

NastyNasty – The Facemelt

We found NastyNasty when he was promoted by His beats feature intricate scales that remind you of Eprom, or Starkey, featuring powerful drums just enough swing. The mood of these releases is aggressive and haunting, but still fun. In … Continue reading

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