Mindstream on UnheardUv

Boston Live EDM project lead by Chris Mackintosh.

Music Ecology: Normal Instruments and Mindstream

Jeff Bujak‘s live EDM quartet Normal Instruments is making their Music Ecology debut Jan 17. Normal Instruments is the brainchild of Mike Carter, guitarist and singer from the Boston-based band The Indobox, also featuring members of Higher Organix, Cosmic Dust … Continue reading


Bass Oasis with The Effective Dose, Probiotic, and Mindstream

Bass Oasis closes the month of August with a showcase of live-EDM. The same weekly that has seen notable acts such as Auto Orbit and NE Tempo is back presenting three up-and-coming, innovative Boston-based groups. The Effective Dose will deliver … Continue reading

Probiotic - Napples (Live Preview)Probiotic - PerspectiveThe Effective Dose - Ginger
jeff bujak and mindstream music ecology

Music Ecology: Jeff Bujak and Mindstream

Mindstream is the live EDM project of Chris Mackintosh, debuting at Music Ecology this Tuesday. Mindstream utilizes live bass and synths in dubstep and house reminiscent of The Disco Buscuits. Acclaimed keyboardist and composer Jeff Bujak is returning to Music … Continue reading

Mindstream - Psystep