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Shawn Conte AKA Furious Styles (The Statesmen, Boston)
Stone Church & Genesis-52

Genesis 3-3-2012 Recap and Photos

Genesis returned in March with a refined tech-house take on Nature vs Nuture. FDOT of The Statesmen opened with an elusive techno set. Zola followed suit with a minimal and stylish tech-house set. Visuals have stepped up a notch incorporating … Continue reading

Zola - Helios

Mixes Up On Music Ecology Soundcloud

Music Ecology has uploaded three must-listen sets from this month that span vital corners of EDM in just 2 weeks. Massive shout out to Kevin Kelly for recording and cataloguing all Music Ecology for sets for almost a year now. … Continue reading

FDOT 2-14-12Wheez-ie 2-14-12Bakir & Sirios featuring Mighty Mystic 2-21-12

Music Ecology feat. Wheez-ie & Residents

oh and by the way it’s ALI BERGER’S MUFUCKIN TWENTY FIRST BIRTHDAY BITCHES! featuring… Wheez-ie (Mmmmaven) (check out his artist page here: http://unhearduv.com/artist/wheez-ie/) Wheez-ie is a 23 year-old producer/DJ from Houston who specializes in the dancefloor-shaking madness that is bass … Continue reading

shawn conte FDOT statesmen

The Statemen’s Furious Styles broadens our future…Enter: FDOT

Boston drum & bass legend, Furious Styles, has officially evolved into FDOT, and the Statesmen’s statement will be impossible to ignore. Shawn Conte has been deep in the game for 10+ years now. But it’s barely been 2 years since … Continue reading

The Statesmen - LostThe Statesmen - Addicted To More