DJ Die Young on UnheardUv

Producing original tracks and tweaking remixes to perfection, Boston’s DJ Die Young (née Jamie Michalski) has come a long way in the last seven years. From starting his career his with gigs at Sweet 16 parties and high school dances in Amesbury, MA, to taking residence at three prominent local events (Basstown, Solid! and Make it New). Since the beginning of 2008, he’s opened for major acts like Robyn, Lifelike, Alan Braxe, Drop The Lime,The Field, Robyn, Pan-Pot, Gui Boratto and Diplo, and now uses his residences as a platform to test out new mixes with a knack towards peak time energy. “I’ve always loved 80s pop since my mother played it to me to get me to go to sleep when I was a little kid, “ Die Young says. And although his DJ name may seem morbid, it actually comes from the 80s song “Don’t Let Me Die Young” by Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor. What usually comes off the 24-year-old’s table today is French Touch, House, Electro and Minimal — party music. He’s good with a sequencer, a keyboard, midi triggers and lately, the tambourine. “I can play the drums, but only if the tempo is pretty slow and you don’t ask me to do a lot of fills. I can keep time pretty well though.” Fans of Low and Slowdive would certainly be proud. Lately, there’s been an eruption of talent in Boston, the city that hovers between the sonic skyscrapers of New York and Montreal — and one in which you’re not just a DJ for spinning records. Personality and developing productions skills are a major part, as well as getting involved with local promoters, photographers and other types of artists.

Re:NEW w/ David Day, Baltimoroder, & Die Young

RE:NEW w/ DAVID DAY, BALTIMORODER, & DIE YOUNG The Basstown/Make It New crew sets it’s sights on the Phoenix Landing when, for the first time in the history of Boston nightlife, two parties switch places for one week! Re:Set and … Continue reading


Basstown: MAKE IT NEW w. Mark Fell & Ricardo Donoso

MARK FELL is a Sheffield-based electronic musician and artist, who works with new technologies, sound, image, and interaction, bringing together interests in experimental electronic musics, contemporary art, philosophy, and computer science. On his own and as one-half of the avant-techno … Continue reading

Mark Fell - Multistability 3Ay Fast - Chirp (Mark Fell Remix)Ricardo Donoso - Progress Chance (album preview)

Basstown: MAKE IT NEW w. Doctor Jeep

Doctor Jeep (aka Andre Lira), a member of the Banana Peel DJ collective, is tearing shit up. From write-ups at to getting dropped into DJ mixes from Pictureplane, Northeastern’s finest is showing up in some powerfull places. Continue reading

Doctor Jeep - Freak U

Basstown: MAKE IT NEW w. Nooka Jones, Baltimoroder & DJ Die Young

The music generally played is european techno. Not the capital T Techno of Detroit, but the artform generally referenced as “techno” in Europe. This includes everything from the minimalism of Richie Hawtin and Dubfire to the big-room sounds of Sven Vath and Luciano. As long as it’s new and fresh, we spin it. Continue reading

Coralcola - Egggirl (Nooka Jones Mix)

Rise: WONDERLAND AFTER-PARTY w. Baltimoroder, DJ Die Young & Coralcola

This Friday is already going to be mayhem, so we figured we’d bring the after-hours into full swing with three RISE favorites. In the mainroom, Baltimoroder & DJ Die Young will slay you with an unrelenting selection of perfectly mixed … Continue reading