Dev/Null on UnheardUv

* Producing crazy cut up electronic music since 2001 or so * breakcore releases on Cock Rock Disco, Violent Turd/Tigerbeat6, Sprengstoff (Germany) + Omeko (Japan), comp tracks on too many labels to remember * toured Europe + Japan numerous times back when I was making more tunes. * DJ'ing for the past few years, buying records since 1997. * Total record nerd/collector, I've got a hefty collection of 91-95 uk breakbeat hardcore/jungle vinyl which I post on my website * Resident DJ for Boston parties Hearthrob and Thunderdome (The Boston party not the Dutch party) * DJ a mixture of old + new stuff, some all-vinyl sets

Links Soundclash Together Ed. Compilation

Links Soundclash: Together Edition Compilation: Download All (zip) What a way to kick off the Together festival. Complete with only the best in local production. Lineup includes: Dev/Null Die Young ft. Kate Radio Fantastadon Kissing Casio Lunecell Blue Boy Productions … Continue reading

Zion - ExtremityHousework - Dust (Original Mix)De Qualia - GraspKN14 - Fashion Killed Ur StyleMcZulu - Sacrament (Vinyl Blight Remix)

DUBWISE w. Dev/Null, Codiac & G Notorious

From the department of “Fer reals this time…”, DUBWISE returns for March with the guests they were unfortunately not able to host last time: DEV/NULL (Cock Rock Disco) CODIAC (SUBduction // G NOTORIOUS (SoulChampion // SUBduction // DUBWISE) Sunday, … Continue reading

Dev/Null - Conqueror Worm
No Tomorrow Rise of the machines

No Tomorrow: Rise of The Machines – 1 Year Anniversary

“At first, everything seemed great. The machines brought a sort of sedated, utopian experience. Effort, pain, and suffering were no more. The awakening of A.I. has led to entire branches of human knowledge being subsumed by an intelligent internet. The … Continue reading


DUBWISE Feburary w Dev/Null & Codiac

Dev/Null [Cock Rock Disco] Codiac [SUBduction/] Codiac currently helps run SUBduction Productions and works very closely with several other Boston-based outfits. He’s been featured at most of Boston’s best underground music nights including Music Ecology, BASSIC, Left Turn and SUBduction’s … Continue reading