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Dash: a mark of punctuation, creating a rythmic language between seemingly disparate forms- Dash EXP is an artist of connections and manipulations for nearly a decade, in electronic dance music including: jungle/drum & bass, dubstep/house/2-step, and hip-hop. His main influences are the musique concréte movement of the 1940s and 50’s, lead by Shaeffer and Stockhausen; Nine Inch Nails; Roni Size, early American Grunge and various experimental media artists like Gary Hill, Vito Acconci and Jack Smith.

Music Ecology: Tony Goods (Dash Exp), Bitcrusher & Codiac

Tony Goods (Sounds of Sumo | Seattle) Born a bastard lovechild in the Bronx, DASH EXP (Aka Tony Goods) learned from his mother recently that his father (Tony Goodsell) had also been an active DJ in New York City, giving … Continue reading

Dash EXP - Maintain (clip)Bitcrusher - HonorableBitcrusher - Band Killah