Wubson on UnheardUv

This lovable monster has a big, playful sound and a connection with his crowds like no other DJ on the market. Specializing in Dubstep, Moombahton, and Electro, Wubson brings his smooth mixing, hot tracks and raw energy to every stage he stands on, leaving crowds wanting more. Since beginning to cut his teeth in Worcester’s underground, Wubson’s following has snowballed throughout New England—most notably in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. From rocking multiple small stages at The Burning Man Festival, to opening for Drop Goblin (Play Me 2 Records) and DJ Entropy (761 Productions) at a Mad Hatter Rave in Manchester, NH Wubson has been honing his unique style into an art form. Currently holding residency and headlining at Tammany Hall’s Elec*tric Tuesdays–Worcester’s biggest EDM night— Wubsy’s unique style makes him New England’s most precocious up-and-coming DJ.