::Awaken(ings):: presenting : LuneCell : Telepathik Frequencies::

The Awakenings crew cordially invites you to join us once again for an evening of psychedelia. This week we embark on a special journey through rich soundscapes and deep psychedelic beats as we proudly welcome the sounds of LuneCell , Telepathik Frequencies and more. So on January 11th bring your positive energy, good vibes and be prepared to dance the night away to some of the most original psychedelic trance the northeast hast to offer!

Music By

~LuneCell ~ (Fractaltribe – RI) Lunecell is an audio-visual artist that produces Psytrance, Dubstep and Downtempo music. He is inspired by the psychedelic movement and the fringe culture that it produces. VJing and producing music is his main drive in life at the moment. He is part of FractalTribe: Northeastern US Psytrance community and is currently based out of Kingston, Rhode Island



~Telepathik Frequencies ~ (Radial Engine Tribe/Psyraiders – NYC ) Telepathik Frequencies is a NYC based project that consists of 2 people from Psyraiders and Radial Engine Tribe. Tamir Ruvio was born in the US. His father is from Israel and his mom is from Italy.He has been playing full on night/ twilight psytrance since 2009. He has played at festivals and parties all over the city and NJ. He is now attending Tour College for producing/sound engineering. Shlomi Kuan was born with psytrance in his blood. Born in Cholon, Israel. He has been in the psytrance scene in Israel since 2005 and in the NY scene since 2009.


Visuals by

~ VJ Adrenochrome ~ Projected Reality, run by VJ Adrenochrome, provides projected visuals for events. Clubs, Bands, Festivals, Art Galleries, Corporate Promotions, etc. Projected onto a screen or other surfaces, video clips, images, and live video feeds are mixed to create a unique experience that compliments the event visually. Musical performances can be visualized using audio-driven effects


Psychedelic Decor by HoleTribe


The Good Life Bar:
28 Kingston St. Boston, Ma

1 block away from Downtown Crossing T station!


$5 Before 11pm
$10 After


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