An Electrogenic Experience With Gigamesh

On Friday September 7th get ready to go back in time to the Disco Era. Electrogenic is  hosting Gigamesh on his international tour. Join us For another experience.

Gigamesh is the stage name of Matt Masurka, an American multi-platinum selling music producer and DJ. His numerous remixes and two EPs have earned him a swiftly building reputation as one of the most versatile and consistent names in indie-dance music. Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, it’s no surprise Gigamesh has developed a keen taste for funk, disco and pop. The sound is immediately recognizable in much of his music, however he maintains a flexible aesthetic. Gigamesh is an ardent fan of minimalist concert music, film scores, classic rock, italo disco, French house, Miami bass, and genre-bending electronic music. These elements have all combined to forge his all-inclusive approach to music appreciation and creation.Gigamesh first gained exposure on music blogs for bootleg reworks of pop hits from Michael Jackson, New Order, The Clash, Stardust and dozens more. He went on to produce a #6 Billboard Single (also iTunes 2010 Pop Single Of The Year) and very well-received remixes for Foster The People, Katy B, Theophilus London, Citizens, Grouplove and more. Now a multi-platinum selling producer and frequent member of The Hype Machine’s popular chart #1 spot, Gigamesh has firmly established himself as a respected trendsetter in modern dance music. In October 2011, Gigamesh released his debut self-titled EP on Our Label International, which received wide acclaim in the disco and indie-dance community. Following his debut, Gigamesh began to develop a close relationship with French record label Kitsuné resulting in an invitation to perform on several dates of their highly-anticipated U.S. Club Night tour and the “All My Life” EP released by Kitsuné in May of 2012.Chas Bronz producer of electronic dance music usually has a trademark sound, providing a similar vibe in each bit of their productions. Chas Bronz is one of the few who confounds this theory. Dipping his fingers into genres such as funk, disco, new wave and hip hop, Chas has done it all. Being an all-rounder with a vast knowledge and experience of music, his passion seeps through to reveal his inherent curiosity with the various forms of music.


Speakerbot is the robot-DJ alias of New Jersey’s Aashish Bansal. Aash has been producing his own blend of deep house, disco, and funk for the last 6 years and can be found playing his eclectic mix for crowds in house parties, venues, and festivals all over the Northeast. Backed by an incredible stage presence and almost encyclopedic knowledge of all things electronic, his shows are an engaging dance party that is sure to get any crowd moving.
Are you ready to get robotic?


Set Times:
9-10 GroundHopper
10-11 Speakerbot
11-12 Chas Bronz
12-1 Gigamesh

Samba Bar
608 Somerville Avenue
Somerville, MA 02143

September 7th 2012

21+ / $15 / No Dress Code

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