Electrogenic ft. Christian Martin and Ardalan

Electrogenic: Revive, Reinvent, Redefine



Christian Martin

Since 1995, Christian Martin has been exploring electronic music from one end of the earth to the other; from full-moon parties in the deserts of California to the thumping, dark corners of the London club scene. Christian followed his love for spleen-rattling bass to San Francisco in 2000, where he met up with the now legendary dirtybird crew. The dirtybird BBQ was the brainchild of the four original members: Christian & his brother Justin Martin, and friends Claude VonStroke and Worthy. They had a personal mission to change the landscape of San Francisco house music by throwing an epic free party in the park, based on their new signature sound.

In 2003, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, Christian bought a massive yet necessary sound system. This set the standard for a new era of die-hard dedicated DIY producers, all with productions based on heavy bass-lines, smiling faces and dance floor delights.

Ten years later the original dirtybird crew remains fully intact and as close knit as ever – traversing the globe, releasing records, and throwing the best parties in their wake.


Growing up in Iran, Ardalan’s influences ranged from early Daft Punk to old school techno.When Ardalan moved to the United States, his mind would be blown by the sounds of the infamous dirtybird BBQ parties.Since he was still under 21, this was his only ‘party’ experience; yet, it would provide enough momentum to set him up for future success.
Investing in music production software, Ardalan worked tirelessly to harness his passion for the deep, techy sound.Just a few years later, Ardalan’s dedication would pay off when he submitted dirtybird’s Justin Martin with a 10 minute demo.After one listen, Justin thought the track was genius and took on the project – the outcome was Mr. Spock, a 2010 instant anthem!
2011 has proved to be Ardalan’s jump off with releases on Chillin Music, Anabatic Records, Sound Pelligrino, Kabutomushi Records, Evolution Records, Demento Mori and dirtybird.
You want it, Ardalan’s got it! Lezgo!

Mike Swells

The competition is undeniable and often creates schisms among the very people who should be working together to keep the music moving forward. Fully aware of this fact, mike swells first emerged on the Boston scene as a face in the crowd, supporting house music parties throughout the city. After logging many late nights in clubs and at afterhours, Swells eventually became a familiar fixture of the bean town crew. Once he was sure that his commitment to his hometown’s EDM scene-and the djs behind it-could not be questioned, he started asking friends for deck time. It didn’t take long for him to graduate from those early gigs to proper sets at venues throughout the city.

Mr. Mcneill

NAGA Night Club
450 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139

www.nagacambridge.com 21+ $15

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