Pericles – Ancient Desert


Hollow futuristic landscapes of sterile sands; long dusted travels between scattered pockets of rare tribes and sun battered outposts; ancient meccas of mechanized populations, wired for collectivity; This is the world borne to Pericles’ new release, Ancient Desert, a lushly atmosphered realm, with bass clouds and sparkling synth storms raining down.

Asheville’s Pericles has a small fortune of music under his belt: a debut album on Waveform Modulations, 3 self-released compilations, official mixes on Abstract Logic Recordings and Glitch.FM, numbers compilation appearances alongside Freddy Todd, Samples, Mochipet, Encanti, d-Queue, Alinging Minds, Galax-C Girl, Quetzatl, and s many more.

In addition to a steady output of beats and treats, he also represents with the Wonderous Temple of Boom, a burner collective of ancient werewovles in Asheville.


Pericles - Rise of the Jellyfish Pericles - Slimey Gutters (Freddy Todds GutterFrost Remix)

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