Mmmmaven’s Crowdsourcing Initiative – The Time Has Come

Mmmmaven is asking for a lil help.

Pioneered by David Day and Alex Maniatis, Mmmmaven is growing into a home for everything electronic music in New England, particularly Boston. After two years of operating New England’s largest and prolific music, arts and technology festival, the brains channeled their knowledge of the music, their international network of industry folk, and their robust local community support into a talent agency for producers and DJs. In response to the success of the third annual Together Festival, David Day and Alex Maniatis decided to evolve Mmmmaven into a full fledged electronic dance music nexus comprised of the original agency, event organization, event promotion, and finally, a school providing classes in both production and DJing.

Covering the spectrum in such way allows Mmmmaven to germinate talent, nurture it and firmly plant talent into the world of DJing in a way so that the student stands out from the vast ocean of DJs that have recently flooded the planet. Dedicated students who come to Mmmmaven eager to work hard and bearing a good attitude will go through the school and come out on the other side with a world of opportunities and the tools and agency to approach these opportunities.

With classes starting this summer, a Together stage at upcoming IDentity Festival, and ongoing events at Boston’s finest venues, Mmmmaven is establishing an unprecedented institution of forward-thinking music and driven people based on integrity and the love.

Visit Mmmmaven’s indiegogo page for full information

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