CSC: Agaric (We Are/Ovum, Berlin)

Every now and again, the stars align in such a way that we are able to bring someone that we respect, rock out to, but also that we would never be able to book otherwise. Enter Agaric. North American tour, hugely successful and influential Swedish born German producer/performer. You know who likes Agaric? People like Josh Wink and Marcel Dettmann to name a couple. Oh yea, and all of the people who have consistently gotten his tracks charted, over and over and over again. It’s safe to say that he’s kind of a big deal. Plan to get down to some really amazing techno!

Opening up for him, Mr. McNeill and CS go head to head to bring you up to speed with their blend of house and techno that will kick things into high gear early. From their collabs at Chad’s apartment in Southie, to rocking the decks together during Tupac Rave, these two know a little something about fun and dance music. Get there early.

Upstairs, the combination of Texas Mike and Evaredy will take turns with the soundtrack to your Saturday night. Both are more than expert at what they do, bringing a mixture of popular dance beats, hip hop and reggae that aims to please all revelers.

As usual, we suggest getting there early to beat the lines, catch some of the fantastic opening sets and get ready for a magical time. We’ll see you all on the floor!

Flyer by Alex Odell
Photos by DWatt
Party by CreateSpace Collab

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Good Life Boston
5$ before 11
10$ after

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