Blue Boy Productions – Robot Alien Variety Hour


Music Ecology and local Boston favorite Blue Boy Productions are back with their second full length album, Robot Alien Variety Hour. The boys have reached deep inside their collective theta for unhindered inspiration while allowing the waves of their dedicated fans effect the outer edges of their sound. The result is something worldly, psychedelic and irresistible to boogie to. Their sound remains consistent as they span the spectrum of bass pulling from glitch hop and dubstep coated with their own brand of tech and play. BBP continues to provide the full experience as they are not 2 musicians to huddle in their bedroom studio, ignoring their local scene. Quite the opposite – these two can be found at almost any of Boston’s local displays of bass music as well as hosting the original Boston EDM weekly, Music Ecology, and countless underground parties around to. Its safe to believe that these guys never stop tuning systems, playing out, and hosting unforgettable experiences day to day. Stream Robot Alien Variety Hour below and then go buy a copy from their Bandcamp page.

Basically it’s a compilation of songs written in the past year or so, most of which we’ve been playing out for a while now. We tried to make the drum parts sound as true to the live show as possible so people outside the northeast could experience it” – Alex Russo // DJ Whatever



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