John Barera – Mile End E.P.

Boston house and techno legend, John Barera put out his first vinyl EP on Ortloff Records last month and we won’t let it slip by without a word or two. With the Mile End EP, Barera continues to make us ask ourselves, “what is the difference between techno and house?” The EP is keenly accessable yet won’t let the snobbiest of listeners turn their head. The sound scapes reach out to those who crave tech-y to smooth, dark to light, with a subtle nod to the ’80s.A note from the author:

The Mile End EP is my first release, a culmination of the musical work I have done thus far. Over the years I have always written and recorded my own tunes, and things opened up for me when I got a Juno 106 a couple years back. I became happy with some of the music, and I connected with Ortloff records, and found a perfect home for this release. I feel this EP represents the joy of getting free in the studio, and making the music that comes naturally. There is a bit of psychedelic soul flavor in there with the house and techno elements, and I think it’s a fine starting point for the EPs to come.
Barera’s techno duo, B-Tracks, will be presenting themselves to the lovely folk of what is arguably the best club in the world, Panorama Bar, on May 19.

Grab it on Juno!

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