BPR003: J-Hilla’s ‘River Runs Red’ EP

The playful collective of house-rompers over at Banana Peel Records just got serious. No-mercy dubstepper, J-Hilla was brought in for BPR003. ‘River Runs Red’ is a top-shelf display of dubstep with a swift 2-stepper sporting spliced Rick Ross lyrics to adequately adjust your body to. This release widely expands the BPR sound. Label Co-founder Matt Rohr (Fens) mentions, “the label is focused on promoting the most refined, yet youthful styles of EDM. We saw this [EP] as a great opportunity to represent the classic UK dubstep sound, from a young american producer.”

“A dark sonic exploration of sounds of future and past bass music, covering distinct foundations of my productions that I plan to build on and develop in the future!” -J-Hilla

Check out “Fuse” !! Can’t say we’ve ever heard a track quite like it.

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