The Orator @ BASSIC 2.10.2012 – Live Recording

So our homie from Mushpost, who is holding down every permutation of bass music in Burlington, VT, came down to open up for Dave Q at Boston’s premiere dubstep night, BASSIC. Playing for 90 minutes, The Orator claimed domain on the Good Life’s dungeon floor with a refreshing display of genre-defying forward-thinking bass music that fulfilled the body whilest engaging the intellect. I’d never heard anything like it in Boston actually (and the dude’s from friggin’ Vermont)! Cheers to The Orator for holding the bar and possibly raising it for headliners to come.

Some words from the man himself on the set:
“There is a certain maintained disdain for digital DJs, and rightfully so. There isn’t much palatable energy, that heat-of-the-moment glory, that comes from pre-planned sets with dissected songs. The introduction of [insert-moderately-famous-producer]‘s Ableton DJ set skyrocketed its use by the impressionable college youth in their eternal search to be the life of the party. But as a man who knew Ableton via production and was making ambient soundscapes on the radio with odd vinyl, random CDs and self-made loops, I started DJing with it as way to further control the sound, reinforced by the lack of funds to pursue the traditional means. Aside from beat matching, one must still have beyond excellent selection that maintains a sense of narrative as well as be able to line up phrases, harmonize and so much more. But ultimately, you have to be able to let the music and the dance floor guide the direction of the mix and that is where preplanned sets fail. I try to take advantage of being relieved of beat matching and it is my hope that that comes through. I hope to validate the digital DJs who only wish to take advantage of the technology in their passionate campaign to share, in creative ways, the music they love.”

Sinjin Hawke – The Ballad of Martyn Bootyspoon [FLY005]
Braiden – The Alps (Kassem Mosse Fix) [DLDRMS003]
Karenn – Auflen Whip [SHEWORKS001]
Melé – Bombay (Nadastrom Remix) [MIX008]
Pusherman – Shake It Off [LNUK001]
Goth-Trad – Anti Grid [MEDICD007]
Blackwax – Offkey [TUBE10011]
DJ In Awe – Mission [XCD020]
GoldFFinch – Point of Entry [877002]
Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci (Cobra Krames Club Mix) [DEMO]
Krampfhaft – Spit Thunder [STRT001]
Dark Sky – Armour [BLR007]
DJ Cra$y – I Need You (Breach Remix) [DB063]
Dexter – Space Booty [CCROWN05]
Instra:mental – Pyramid [3024-015]
Machinedrum – Van Vogue [LM011]
Tessela – Push [ACOO12xA]
Chris Brown – Look At Me Now (Monolithium Look At Busta Re-Up) [BOOTLEG]
Doc Daneeka & Benjamin Damange – Creeper [50WEAPONS009DGTL]
Boddika – Warehouse [SELF-RELEASED]
French Fries ft. Bambounou – Hugz [CCB12001]
Jake Davis – Accelerate [UNRELEASED]
Joker & Jakes – 3Klane (L-Vis 1990 Dubble Step Edit)
Redlight – Source 16 [SBOY041]
Witty Boy – PS (feat. Lauren Mason) [DECESS29]
Author – The City [TEC052]
Taal Mala – Raverz [SELF-RELEASED]
Killawatt & Ipman – Mob Mentality [BOKA 038PT1]
Eleven Tigers – Stableface (Dark Sky Remix) [UNRELEASED]
System – DRK (Boxcutter Remix) [RUMPEP003]
Disclosure – I Love.. That You Know [SELF-RELEASED]
Persian – Feel Da Vibe [ER001]
Zed Bias – Music Deep Inside [SWAMP015]
Bonobo – Eyes Down (Machinedrum Remix) [ZENCD178]
Waxmaster Maurice – Hit The Flo (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) [BOOTLEG]
Munchi – Murda Sound (Thelonious X Juke Edit) [BOOTLEG]
Bambounou – Alpha (Slick Shoota Juke Edit) [BOOTLEG]
Ital Tek – Gonga [ZIQ311]
Krampfhaft – Carl Sagan, The Man [RWINA014]
Stagga – That’s When I Jacked It [TOTTER 026]
Throwing Snow – Too Polite [LOC008]
Dub Phizix & Skeptical – Marka (feat. Strategy) [EXIT037]
Rockwell – DJ Friendly Unit Shifter [SHA039]
Krmapfhaft – I Needed You [RWINA014]
ELOQ – Gimme More [HI023]
Plug – Come On My Skeleton [ZEN177]

Direct DL link:

If you’re in the Burlington/VT area, check out Mushpost to source all of your bass-related needs.

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