Misk – First World Problems

Vermin St. is back for another huge release. This time from label veteran Misk, and it features remixes from the likes of +Verb, Encanti, CocoBryce and the late HM.T DM.T. Definitely a must have for the incoming Spring season.

via Vermin St:
Two years ago, Misk’s Nintendont release on Vermin Street hit #1 on Addictech’s top 10 weekly chart and finished in March 2010’s top 10 for the month. Well received on all fronts, the tunes made regular appearances on Starkey’s radio show and on Glitch.FM as well.Since then, Misk has embraced new styles, deeper, detail oriented Dubstep with melody and rugged bass, and his own imprint, Elk Beats, with long time friend Eshone. But here, with his next release, First World Problems, we dig up some classics from his closet. More 8-bit melodies and Skweee 2.0 baselines, more crunchy claps and a few 111 BPM bootyshakers. Also featured on this release are a sexy, lazery remix by +verb, a rugged, epic remix by Encanti, a thick, psychedelic-hop remix by HM.T DM.T, and a straight hip hop joint from the one CocoBryce.Dedicated to the memory of James Huntington, aka HM.T DM.T, who passed unexpectedly during the album’s completion. 50% of pre-expense sales will go to James’ family.

1. Ain Soph
2. Fructose
3. Droid’s Lament
4. Cutman
5. Blast Processing
6. Norma Jeane Barefoot
7. Spooky Sector
8. Motion Sickness
9. Shadowmelt
10. Cutman (+verb Remix)
11. Motion Sickness (Encanti Remix)
12. Spooky Sector (HM.T DM.T Remix)
13. Blast Processing (CocoBryce Remix)

GET IT HERE: http://www.addictech.com/p/93413

Misk - Ain Soph
Misk - Motion Sickness (Encanti Remix)

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