Dark & Stormy + Loopus Amadeus = L.A.D.S.

Boston house staples and international resonators, Dark & Stormy and Loopus Amadeus have come together to form L.A.D.S.

Retaining their deep house sourcing, combined they manage to raise your hands a bit farther into the air. L.A.D.S. will never fail to fail to keep a listen at home on the headphones as exciting as their upcoming

Here’s what we’re dealing with…
Promo mix of deep, dark, and moody house music. Mixed by the Loopus Amadeus for new duo with kindred soul Dark and Stormy.

Go grab their remix of Bambounou’s “Heroic Deeds”. FREE.

Catch their premiere performance at the next CVLT, Monday, March 5.

Bambounou - Heroic Deeds(LADSREMIX)

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