Elements Celebrates 13 Years of Drum and Bass

This week Elements celebrates 13 STRAIGHT YEARS OF DRUM & BASS Thursdays at the Phoenix Landing!!! As the ritual goes, selectors Crook and Lenore will throw down favorites spanning forgotten classics to recent bombs all night. Resident VJ Bonk will tag-team with Elements’ ORIGINAL VJ, the Curious Spy! Fresh new Elements shirts will be launched as well, and there will be giveaways too! Elements crew, let’s get it on!

Cover $5


02 Ross Tiefenthaler (Trainspotters Music) Boston

09 THE UPBEATS + MC ARMANNI REIGN (Non Vogue | Vision | Metalheadz) New Zealand | ATL

16 WILKINSON & CYANTIFIC (Ram Records | Hospital) UK

23 Residents: Crook & Lenore

Residents: Crook & Lenore
Visuals by VJ Bonk

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