Vinyl Blight ft Bongo Chilli – Mission

Boston’s Vinyl Blight grew up on a steady diet of Ragga Jungle. And though his love of mashed-up Amens and hard hitting sub bass has never died, his intrigue by new techniques and distaste for homogenity has led to a fusing of new and old. A DJ with over 10 years experience, he has seen the Ragga sound through many phases: Jungle, Dancehall, Breakcore, Dubstep, GlitchHop, Bashment… and his style would now be best described as the love child of an orgy of those genres.
As the brains behind Vermin Street, Boston’s premiere Bass Music label, Vinyl Blight has been responsible for seeing the first releases of many great artists, including Tremourz, NastyNasty, +verb, Jupit3r, Bobby Tank, and the Zebbler Encanti Experience.
Vinyl Blight has had multiple releases on his Vermin Street imprint, along with remixes for Kush Arora on the Dread Bass Chronicles Remixed, and Mochipet on Master P on Atari Transformed.
The title track of this release, Mission, features Bongo Chilli flowing over crescendos of crunchy Dancehall riddims and undulating wobble basslines. Remixes include Liquid Stranger’s heavy all-out dancefloor Dubstep version and Process Rebel’s upbeat Drum and Bass frenzy.
The B side of this release is a Vinyl Blight remix of the MC Zulu track “Sacrament.” The tune comes heavy with glitchy mid-range basslines and mashed-up breaks laid over a steady driving Hip Hop beat.

Available for download at Beatport as well as other major online music retailers..

Listen here…

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