The Brain Trust & Rise: SPEAKERBUZZ: Encanti & ElectronicAnonymous

ELECTRONICAnonymous is the EDM brain-child of Jules Jenssen. 1/3 of underground dance-fusion power trio HiGHER ORGANiX, Jules has been playing music since he was 6 years old, first dabbling in piano, then embracing the drums as his musical voice. Heavily rooted in traditional band style rock/ funk music, (Floyd, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Phish, all his father’s bands, etc..) Jules found electronic music as a pre-teen and immediately was drawn to carefully sculpted, evolving beats, throbbing bass, and euphoric synthetic sound design. Although he didn’t start making electronic music for years, he continued to integrate the theory into his drumming and live band. In the summer of 2008, Jules dove head first into the world of EDM production and nocturnal sleep cycles, making everything from electro-house, to dubstep, to krunk – -& styles yet-unnamed. Having already headlined shows including Music Ecology @ Wonderbar Boston, played festivals such as Camp Bisco, Desiderata, and the Big Up, shared the stage with OTT, Lotus, Conspirator, MiMOSA, Michal Menert, Sub Swara, Bluetech, King Britt, Dub War NYC and Psylab, to name a few, AND placed in the International top 8 of the’s producer competition- the anonymous might not be unknown for long…

Encanti is a multimedia performance artist dedicated to creating high-quality and uniquely customized electronic media experiences. He is an independent music producer, performer, sound designer, DJ, and VJ.
Encanti produces and performs bass-oriented styles of electronic dance music, working closely with Vermin Street Arts and Media of Boston, Massachusetts. Encanti’s tracks combine dubstep, jamtronica, techno, traditional international styles, and original sound design. His music is performed on laptop, utilizing fast-paced remixing techniques, with mind-bending breakdowns and live mutating effects.

Encanti - Techfire

The one like Codiac moved to Boston in 2003, started spinning dubstep vinyl in ’08 and is now embedded deep in the Boston underground bass music scene. He’s DJ’d and blogged w/ the Boston/Berlin-based DrinkMusik camp, and currently manages sponsorship for the Together Festival and helps run SUBduction Productions events and promo camp. His eclectic selection and legit DJing skills have led him to perform ‘longside the likes of Martyn, Pinch, Pangaea, Borgore, Moldy, Mad Professor, SBTRKT, B.Rich, Truth and heaps of Boston’s best local talent. Spinning some proper deep and dutty tunes spanning many subgenres of dubstep and beyond, Codiac can also be heard every Monday night 9pm-11pm on his weekly Sub.FM radio show in company with fellow badman DJ Spliffolian.

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