Electric Forest Review and Recordings

We’re still recovering from this year’s Electric Forest festival in Rothbury, MI last weekend. Check out some bootleg audience recordings.

One of my favorite performances was Conspirator featuring Darren Shearer of the now defunct New Deal. Their live improvisations included both 4-to-the-floor and dubstep.
Conspirator - Live at Electric Forest 2011
Shpongle and the Shpongletron presented their otherworldly soundscapes late-night Friday.
Shpongle - Live at Electric Forest 2011
Lotus’s set was cut short due to a rain delay the first night, but was high energy and on point. Their synths have been getting more complex and hard hitting and their live trance has come to rival The Disco Biscuits.
Lotus - Live at Electric Forest 2011
Skrillex pulled out all of the garguantuan drops, but was criticized for soliciting too many sing-alongs and questionable transitions.
Skrillex - Live at Electric Forest 2011

Dj Tiesto’s crescendo featured the up-and-coming Alesso of Sweden.
Pressure (Alesso Remix)

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