Save Your Breathe Cause Wheez-ie’s ‘All Werked Up’

Boston dub staple and SUBduction’s own, Wheez-ie, has gifted us with this EP of hyper-juke-out ghetto-galore barely containable by the packaging. Only recently have I pushed deeper into the realm of this classic Chicago booty-movement enforcer of a genre: Juke. ‘All Werked Up’ has become the cap to my introduction.
Without veering too far from the multi-mode essence of Juke, Matt Mauldin pushes engineering boundaries. While this EP emanates strict old school vibes, the production could only have formed in the future.

“Well Rounded’s new unrestricted by genre Individuals sub-label launches with Texas-raised wonderkid Wheez-ie’s first full outing on vinyl, displaying an impressive range of ideas within the Juke style, packed full of character and variety, each track coming from a different angle. The relatively slow (145bpm) ‘Bak It In’ is a drum programming tour-de-force, with crunching claps, cavernous kicks and tuned toms all contributing to the excitement. ‘Leave Her Alone’ comes with haunting strings and a bell-like melody line recalling Ennio Morricone’s classic film scores underpinned by an assertive 808 kick drum b-line, making a fresh combination that imbues Juke with serious soul and depth. ‘All Werked Up’ is like Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story cross with 60s TV Batman, with big orchestral brass stabs and all the “ooofs” and “powwwws” in the fight sequences. ‘Whores’ is no-nonsense dancefloor charge led by unremitting drums, vocal prompts, and a cheeky little acid fleck.” – Cargo Records

Wheez-ie - Whores Wheez-ie - Leave Her Alone

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One Response to Save Your Breathe Cause Wheez-ie’s ‘All Werked Up’

  1. Andy Golay says:

    Listening to “Leave Her Alone.” Chill and yet hard as fuck. A delightful paradox.

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